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Mission Statement

Our Expertise for Your business! This is the foundation on which all our activities are based and it is our commitment towards our customers in the fields of trust and consultancy. We perform outstanding services and provide profound know-how in order to help and support our customers to be even more successful in their fields of business. We do not offer standard products but work out tailor made service packages which fit the individual needs of the customers within Switzerland and internationally.
We support and encourage our employees to develop themselves both as professionals as well as individuals. We also help them to achieve a good work/life-balance.
We also attach great importance on the social environment and place big value on energy efficiency and the careful use of resources.

We have expert knowledge in all fields for which we offer our services. If we venture in new territories or open new market segments, we are always on the latest state of knowledge and development to meet the needs of our customers as well as our own expectations.

Close to the customers
The client defines the needs – we listen, support and learn!

We stay independent, both in terms of opinion building processes and financially.

We take full responsibility for all our actions.

Areas of activities
We want to offer our services within Switzerland and internationally.

We want to be close to the customer, organise ourselves flexibly and focus on the customer needs.

Our offerings, services and products must fit the needs of our customers. We also ask for a satisfaction confirmation.

We place high importance on determined, fully committed and motivated employees.

We cultivaste open communication we all stakeholders.

We support the development of new ideas and progress. We encourage our employees to come forward with creative proposals.

Profitability is essential to execute our plans and projects. 

About us

Confides Ltd supports its customers with profound expertise and long experience in all segments of trust, management and law consultancy. We focus on small and medium sized companies, offer a comprehensive service portfolio and develop tailor-made solutions for every project.


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