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«Our most important assets are our employees.» Although often used does not mean that this statement would not be correct for just about every company. Even in the digital world, most businesses are people’s businesses. Therefore personnel relations, human resources and payroll administration are crucial factors for a company’s success in the market.

Confides has had over 20 years of experience and employs specially educated experts in this field. We will be happy to provide our expertise to your company, offering a wide range of services, including tasks such as the organisation of third party services, e.g. pension schemes, insurances etc. You can choose from a variety of several providers and can thus select the products which ideally fit your requirements.

With our own law department, we assist and advice you with labour and employment contracts. Should legal issues occur we also represent your party in front of courts.

In the segment of payroll administration, we manage your employee data, calculate salaries and take care of all formalities and documentation related to the subject, including the booking processes. We obviously also provide assistance concerning all tax law related issues.

We represent your company towards the Swiss Tax Authorities and ensure the procession and completion of all required documents if salary payments have to be carried out within Switzerland.

Processes, legislations and schemes become increasingly complex in the field of pensions, possibly even causing risks and uncertainties. In order to avoid such problems, Confides provides customised solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

Please feel free to ask for assistance when recruiting high-ranking management personnel, e.g. top executives like members of the Board of Directors or the Executive Board. We focus entirely on your requirements.

About us

Confides Ltd supports its customers with profound expertise and long experience in all segments of trust, management and law consultancy. We focus on small and medium sized companies, offer a comprehensive service portfolio and develop tailor-made solutions for every project.


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